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ESD PCB Trolley

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ESD PCB Trolley 

Material: Stainless Steel PS + antistatic

Tank Plate: Plastic
900*650*1260mm with 4 pcs 460mm*1000MM tank plate

900*550*1300mm with 4 pcs 350*1000MM tank plate

900*680*1300mm with 4 pcs 530*1000MM tank plate

900*750*1300mm with 4 pcs 700*1000MM tank plate

900*1000*1300MM with 4pcs 920*1000MM tank plate USD258/sets for 3 rows

200-600 films can be deposited PCB board
Deep Groove: 4 or 5 mm, Width: 5 mm, from the trough: 5.5 mm
Gap layer:10mm
Surface Resistivity: ≤ 106 Ω
Can be customized according to customer requirements and system
installation cushioning devices
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