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Flat Panel Style 4-layer Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelf

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This Flat Panel Style 4-layer Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelf is constructed from high-quality type 201/304 stainless steel with thickness of 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5 mm, and it is widely used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Item Number Outline Dimension (mm) Thickness Material
KWG-4-120515-06-201-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 0.6mm SUS 201
KWG-4-120515-08-201-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 0.8mm SUS 201
KWG-4-120515-10-201-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.0mm SUS 201
KWG-4-120515-12-201-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.2mm SUS 201
KWG-4-120515-15-201-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.5mm SUS 201
KWG-4-120515-06-304-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 0.6mm SUS 304
KWG-4-120515-08-304-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 0.8mm SUS 304
KWG-4-120515-10-304-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.0mm SUS 304
KWG-4-120515-12-304-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.2mm SUS 304
KWG-4-120515-15-304-01 1200Lx500Wx1500H 1.5mm SUS 304
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