ESD SMT PCB Trolley for electrolic factory

2015/1/2 11:06:59 Viewers:
  • BrandKWG
  • TypeKWG-PCB582
  • Require
ESD SMT PCB Trolley for electrolic factory Introduction

Size (L×W×H)mm Slot of Side plate (W×H) Width Depth Pitch Slot
900×550×1300 100cm×46cm 4.5mm 4.5mm 10mm 100
Side Plate Flapper Size  
Four Pieces Assembled 24.8cm×46cm  
Surface Resistance Conductive Type <1×106Ω/□以下
Dissipative Type 1×106~1×1011Ω/□
Note Side plate with double flashboard
100PCS per row,keep in 200,400PCB plates

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