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Galvanized Foldable Wire Mesh Pallet Cage

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Heavy Duty Galvanized Foldable Wire Mesh Pallet Cage With Cold Drawn Steel

Quick Details:


Product Name


Wire Mesh Pallet Cage


Standard Specification

(Customized Available)

Size(mm) Wirediameter (mm) Mesh pitch (mm)






Volume (m³) Load capacity (KG)









32 0.22 800



49 0.52 1200



66 0.84 1500



6.4 53 0.52 1500



80 0.84 2000



38 0.26 1000



50×100 44 0.52 1000



64 0.84 1000



116 1.56 2500



5.0 50×50 22 0.15 500



38 0.52 500
Raw Material

high quality cold-drawn steel wire Q235B(SS400) purchased from

Shanghai Baosteel Group


Material Thickness


wire diameter 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 6.4mm


Surface Treatment


Galvanized, zinc finish or powder coated


HS Code







Made by mild steel and welded by strong steel bar, U shaped channel steel used at the bottom to reinforce the container solidity.

1) Advantages


The same specification, fixed volume, clear placement and convenient for checking the amount. Easy to be stacked and collapsible or foldable.


Cardboard can be equipped in the basket to protect the surface of materials and ensure the completeness of items during storage and transportation, so that the cost is reduced and the efficiency is increased.


Nameplate for labeling easy for different goods checking and identification.


2) Saving storage space


By means of hydraulic pallet trucks and forklifts, the container can be stacked up to four layers. Thus, saving storage space and enhances the effectiveness of space utilization when not in use, it can be folded in manner that saved 20% of storage space.


3) Versatile usage


Used in warehouses and workshops for goods containing and carrying and is highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries. Semi-open construction for easy storage and drawing. With the features of universal size, reliability, space saving and security.


4) Easy to operate


With using hydraulic pallet trucks or forklifts, the container can be easily operated and flexible to transport. due to its unique construction, it can be operated safely and easily by anyone.


5) Durable


Finished with galvanization and durable resisting corrosion shining and good looking.


Designing factors:

1). What’s the cage size W×D×H ?


2). What’s the cage load capacity ?



If you need some advice on selecting the best solution for your application. Please feel free to call us, and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives would be happy to help you.

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